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Mounted Patrol Section

Mounted Patrol Section
7331 Oakwood Drive

In January 2003, a not-for-profit corporation was formed in order to obtain funding to help support a full-time mounted patrol unit for the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. The corporation applied for and was given federal tax-exempt status in November 2003. Solicitation for tax-deductible donations and sponsors was started in 2004. In June 2006, a full-time Mounted Patrol Section was formed within the Special Operations Division of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. Six officers and a sergeant were assigned to the unit along with ten donated horses. A partnership between the Parks and Recreation Department of Kansas City, Missouri and the KCPD resulted in the Mounted Patrol Stable being located in Swope Park at Camp Lake of the Woods. Currently, the Mounted Patrol Section consists of eight officers and one sergeant and nine horses.

What does the Mounted Patrol Section do?

The Mounted Patrol Section is a valuable asset to the community for several reasons, including the following:

Crowd Control – The horse and rider’s overall size and height combine to make them a formidable force to be reckoned with in large, and sometimes disruptive, crowd situations. One mounted patrol officer is the equivalent to 8-10 officers on foot. A mounted officer is able to effectively move large crowds of people with little to no amount of force.

Crime Control/Deterrence – The elevated position of the mounted officer makes them more visible and allows them to spot and deter certain types of crimes. A mounted officer has greater visibility and mobility which allows them to quickly handle disturbances and traffic problems. A mounted officer is also able to devote more time to special problem areas.

Community Relations – Mounted patrol officers are excellent ambassadors for establishing and maintaining positive relations between the community and police department. Horses dissolve barriers and encourage open conversations with officers. This greatly improves service to the public and allows officers to be more accessible to citizens. The Mounted Patrol Section is one of the most requested sections on the police department, fulfilling numerous requests by the community, such as park and neighborhood events, school and daycare demos, parades and many other special events. In addition, the Mounted Patrol Section and PAL have partnered up to teach basic horse care and provide riding lessons to our community’s children. If you would like to request Mounted Patrol for an event, please contact Sgt. Joey Roberts at

Where does the Mounted Patrol Section get their horses?

All of our mounts are donated to the unit by private citizens. General guidelines for a police mount are: Geldings only, at least 6 years of age, sound health, calm disposition and 15.2hh or taller. However, exceptions to these guidelines are permitted on a case-by-case basis. Anyone interested in donating a horse, please contact Sgt. Joey Roberts.

Does the Mounted Patrol Section have a Not-For-Profit?

The Mounted Patrol Unit has a not-for-profit (501(c)3) called the “Friends of the KC Mounted Patrol” that accepts tax-deductible donations. In addition, the Friends of the KC Mounted Patrol hosts fundraising events and has played a valuable role in helping the unit purchase equipment and allowing officers to attend training. For more information in making a tax-deductible donation and/or joining the not-for-profit, please visit Friends of the KC Mounted Patrol.

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