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Cyber Crimes

The Kansas City Missouri Police Department has detectives assigned to the FBI Cyber Crimes Task Force (CCTF). The task force was developed in 2002 to identify and prosecute online sexual predators who use the internet to meet and exploit children and who produce, possess, or share child pornography. Detectives with the CCTF work on a multi-jurisdictional team. KCPD detectives can submit cases for state or federal prosecution depending on individual circumstances.

What do the KCPD CCTF detectives investigate?
• Child Exploitation
• Child Pornography

There are two ways to report an incident of child exploitation and child pornography:
1. Contact our local office at (816) 234-5150 or (816) 512-8200 and ask to speak to a detective with the CCTF.
2. Has your child ever been sent inappropriate material by someone he or she met online? Has your child ever inadvertently encountered inappropriate material? You can make a report of these types of incidents at or by calling 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).