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Women's Personal Safety Training

The focus of the training is on the importance of awareness, prevention, streetwise precaution and most importantly, self-defense. This training is both lecture and hands-on. Physical activity is encouraged, but not required. During the hands-on portion of this training you will literally be “hands on” and in close personal contact with others during this class. Many women have found that signing up with a friend makes this portion of the training a bit more comfortable.

Participants are asked to wear athletic type clothing, with no buttons or zippers. Socks and long sleeve shirts are required. Participants are encouraged to bring a water bottle and a light snack.

Enrollment is open to females 13 years of age or older; however, anyone under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult. The course is FREE, but you MUST pre-register. To register, call 816-413-3500 or email

Most class sessions are 8 am to noon.

This course is limited to 50 participants.

Women's Personal Safety Training 2023




March 25, 2023 8 a.m. to Noon

South Patrol Division

9701 Marion Park Drive

May 13, 2023

8 a.m. to Noon

Regional Police Academy

6885 N.E. Pleasant Valley Road

June 24. 2023

8 a.m. to Noon

South Patrol Division

9701 Marion Park Drive 

July 22, 2023

8 a.m. to Noon

Location TBD 


Also Available:
Women’s Self Defense Video for $10 plus $3 shipping and handling.

Please call the Regional Police Academy at 816-413-3500 for further information on the schedule or for copies of the video.