Award ceremony tonight honors valor and perseverance in face of adversity

Publish Date 06/29/2017

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The many people who helped recover a missing woman from the Missouri River, an officer who stopped an in-progress sexual assault, detectives who unraveled a massive forgery scheme and an officer who suffered a career-ending injury while apprehending a suspect are among the dozens of officers and citizens who will receive awards at a police ceremony tonight.

The award ceremony will begin at 6:30 p.m. today in the auditorium of the Kansas City Regional Police Academy, 6885 N.E. Pleasant Valley Rd.

Chief David Zimmerman will present the Certificate of Appreciation to those who assisted KCPD with the recovery of Toni Anderson’s body and car in March, from All City Tow operators to firefighters with the Southern Platte Fire Protection District to the Missouri Highway Patrol Dive Team.

Chief Zimmerman also will present a Certificate of Commendation to a group of officers who responded to the murder of two boys, ages 8 and 9, last August. The officers did everything they could to save the boys, from CPR to cradling one in the back seat of a police car while applying pressure to his head wound while another officer raced them to the hospital because they thought it would be quicker than an ambulance.

Still more officers will be recognized for saving the lives of gunshot victims, stopping a robbery suspect who preyed on the elderly and for training up-and-coming detectives.