Chief Smith responds to indictment of officer in assault

Publish Date 08/21/2020
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From Chief Richard Smith:

"I was informed today that an officer from the Kansas City Missouri Police Department was indicted by a Jackson County grand jury. As Chief of Police, when matters that raise concern come to my attention, it’s my responsibility to ensure they are appropriately investigated and that those investigations are turned over for possible further proceedings in the criminal justice process.

"In the current matter involving third-degree felony assault charges against an officer, we first became aware of the incident following a complaint that was investigated by the Office of Community Complaints (OCC) and the Internal Affairs Unit. After reviewing that investigative file, we sent the entire file to federal prosecutors, the FBI, and the county prosecutor, as is our responsibility per our civil rights Memorandum of Understanding for their independent evaluation of the circumstances.

'The officer, an 18-year veteran of the department assigned to the Patrol Bureau, has been on administrative leave following the results of the OCC investigation, and he will continue to be until the outcome of the proceedings.  

"All of us want justice. And we remain committed to the legal process going forward."