KCPD Urges Vehicle Gun Safes Amid Summer Spike In Break-Ins

Publish Date 06/15/2022
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With several homicides occurring in the last few years with firearms stolen from vehicles, KCPD’s Property Crimes Unit is asking for the public’s help safeguarding their guns.

Historically, summer brings an increase in firearms stolen from vehicles when the weather is nice, and people venture out. Many of these vehicles are often parked in or near entertainment districts and venues. Additionally, there are organized criminal rings that break into vehicles looking for guns.

KCPD attempts to have a presence in these districts and venues but does not have the staffing to cover them all. It encourages entertainment districts and venues to have security companies patrol these lots for deterrence. Given these efforts, the Property Crimes Unit also asks for the community’s help.

“These thefts can be avoided,” Captain Nathan Simecek said. “We realize that law-abiding citizens may travel with firearms in their vehicle for their protection. If you choose to travel to an entertainment district or venue with a firearm in your vehicle, we ask that it be locked in an in-vehicle gun safe or storage locker secured to your vehicle.”

Guns locked in a glove box or left hidden in a vehicle have not proven to deter thefts.