Police arrest suspects after shooting, carjacking, pursuit

Publish Date 07/25/2019
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Police took two men into custody Wednesday night who had shot at a vehicle repair shop employee and then carjacked a vehicle in their attempt to flee from officers.

At about 1:40 p.m. July 24, a man went to an auto repair business in the 6700 block of Independence Avenue and demanded to take a vehicle parked on the eastside of the business, claiming it belonged to his friend. The employee said he could not give him the vehicle because he wasn’t the owner and that it wouldn’t go anywhere, anyway, because it didn’t have a battery in it. He argued with the employee some more, and then a second man appeared and pointed a rifle at the employee. The first man then pulled out a handgun. The employee turned around and heard three shots fired. Both suspects then drove away in a uniquely marked van while the employee called 911.

Officers watched surveillance video of the encounter at the business and were able to get detailed descriptions of the suspects and van, including its license plate. They shared the information so other patrol officers would be on the lookout. About four hours later, a pair of officers spotted the van at a gas station in the 8500 block of Winner Road.

The two suspects got out of the van when they saw the police car pull up behind them. One of the officers got one of the suspects into custody at the gas station after a brief struggle. The other suspect took off running, with the other police officer chasing after him. As she ran behind the suspect, the officer saw him carjack a pick-up truck, forcing the driver out at gunpoint. The suspect sped away.

Other officers moved into the area and spotted the stolen truck at 435 and Winner Road. Police tried to pull the vehicle over, but the driver would not stop. Police pursued the vehicle onto 435, where it nearly struck another vehicle weaving in and out of traffic. The suspect eventually stopped the truck near the 40 Highway exit and ran into a field for about 100 yards before officers caught him and took him into custody.

Officers found the weapons used in the aggravated assault at the car repair shop inside the van at the gas station on Winner Road.