Police collaborate with local producers on music video to spark conversations

Publish Date 01/23/2020

The Kansas City Missouri Police Department has been working with AGA Productions since the summer to produce a music video that seeks to build relationships and understanding between police and the community. This is the first product of what the producers and the Department hope will be an ongoing collaboration to build unity through art.

Creator Khalid Abdulqaadir said he appreciated the department's participation in the project.

"Thank you to the Kansas City Police Department for having the kindness of heart, the openness of mind, and the courage of spirit to connect with our community in a way no other PD in the country has done before," Abdulqaadir wrote. 

The department and the production company hope this will be a national model of building relationships between law enforcement and the public through art in other cities.

(You may notice a woman in a blue dress with a thin blue line flag in the video. This is a tribute to Davis, Calif., Police Officer Natalie Corona, who was killed in the line of duty on Jan. 10, 2019, at age 22 and had done a similar photo shoot.)