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Police respond to indictment of detective in officer-involved shooting

Publish Date 06/18/2020
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Today, a 
grand jury of Jackson County residents indicted a KCPD detective who was involved in the shooting death of Cameron Lamb on Dec. 3, 2019, in the 4100 block of College.

The detective has been with KCPD since September 1999 and was assigned to the Investigations Bureau. The detective has been suspended

The Kansas City Missouri Police Department continues to mourn the loss of life and all suffering surrounding this incident. We respect the judicial process, including the grand jury’s finding in this matter, as well as all defendants’ presumption of innocence until proven guilty. As the case makes its way through court, we will continue to respect the processand therefore cannot comment further at this time

As with any officer involved shooting incident, we will internally review the actions taken by officers.