Police stop large business burglary in progress, suspects wanted in multiple states

Publish Date 06/07/2019
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A Northland sergeant paying close attention to the radio overnight June 7 stopped two suspects who are connected to burglaries of Best Buy stores from Kansas City to Texas to Louisiana.

The North Patrol sergeant heard other officers responding to an intrusion alarm at the Best Buy on Flintlock Road at about 2 a.m. When officers there arrived, they found evidence that someone had tried to break into the store but hadn’t been able to. Acting on a hunch that the suspect or suspects might try the other Best Buy in Kansas City North – on Skyview Avenue – the sergeant went there. He positioned himself to be obscure but still be able to see the store’s door.

Sure enough, a vehicle soon pulled up at the Skyview Best Buy, and two people ran to the store and started breaking in. The sergeant called for back-up. Then he waited outside for the suspects to come out. When they did, he confronted them at the door. The suspects took off running. The additional officers who had arrived on scene, as well as a Platte County Sheriff canine officer, got both of them into custody. Officers recovered the more than $14,000 worth of merchandise they had attempted to steal.

In addition to multiple thefts in Kansas City, detectives believe the two people they arrested are connected to a ring of about 20 people who have committed similar overnight burglaries at Best Buy stores in other metro-area cities; Springfield, Mo.; Baton Rouge, La.; Houston; Fort Worth and several smaller Texas cities. Both of the suspects arrested last night are from Houston.

One of the suspects is a juvenile who had been arrested for a similar crime in Texas two weeks ago, and authorities are working to revoke the agreement on which he was released. The 18-year-old has been charged in Platte County with felony burglary and stealing in the most recent case and is being held without bond.