Police use buckets of water to save homes from grass fire

Publish Date 03/09/2020

A bucket brigade formed by police officers and home-owners saved several homes during a large grass fire on Saturday afternoon.

A KCPD officer was the first to spot a fire breaking out along 152 Highway near Green Hills Road at about 4:15 p.m. March 7. He called for firefighters and other officers. With the help of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, KCPD officers shut 152 Highway down at Green Hills. More officers arrived before the fire trucks could, and saw one of the most aggressive areas of the fire was headed toward homes in the Autumn Ridge subdivision. It had crossed the walking trail and was spreading to residents’ back yards.

Officers went through 12 fire extinguishers and then started stomping on the blaze with their feet. Firefighters were tied up at the nearby Menard’s, where they feared the fire could get to highly flammable material like propane.

Police notified the nearby residents, who got out garden hoses to help stop the fire. The residents then started filling buckets of water and giving them to the officers. The officers walked up and down the length of the fire and were able to put it out using the buckets. The fire had made it to within 20 yards of the homes in Autumn Ridge. The Liberty Fire Department then arrived on scene.

There ended up being multiple fires along 152 on the dry and windy day. In addition to Kansas City and Liberty fire departments, South Platte, West Platte, Central Platte, Smithville and Birmingham fire departments also responded. Although the cause of the fire has yet to be determined, police warn against discarding cigarettes outside, especially on red flag fire days like Saturday.