Statement of the Board of Police Commissioners Regarding Funding

Publish Date 05/28/2021
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Bishop Mark Tolbert, President, on behalf of the Kansas City, Missouri Board of Police Commissioners:

"While I understand the frustration of the Mayor, the City Council and some citizens of Kansas City, Missouri, I also understand that we must abide by the laws enacted by our Missouri Legislature.

In March 2021, the City appropriated funds for the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department’s operating expenses for the year.  An unexpected $42 million change to our budget risks a disruption in services to our citizens. 

I ask that the Mayor and the City Council withdraw the two ordinances at issue.  Otherwise, the Board of Police Commissioners will be forced to continue pursuing injunctive relief in order to fulfill our duties as outlined by the Missouri Legislature. 

The Board of Police Commissioners stands ready to negotiate next year’s budget, and we hope to continue dialogue with the Mayor, the City Council and other stakeholders. Our goal is to work together to strengthen and improve the services we provide to the diverse population of Kansas City, Missouri."