Man charged in regard to stolen statue

Publish Date 08/06/2021

With the public’s assistance and the hard work of our detectives, we have identified a person of interest who has been arrested in regard to the stolen statue.   We are sad to report although we have recovered a large portion of the statue, it was cut into pieces prior to the recovery. 

Detectives have presented this case to the Clay County Prosecutor’s Office who have charged Charles Fuentes w/m 09-09-1964 with Felony (Class D) Receiving Stolen Property.  He is being held on a $25,000 bond.

Thank you to the public for their assistance!  We are still asking if you have information regarding this case, please call the Shoal Creek Property Crimes Detectives at 816-413-3600.

This is still an active investigation, so we would direct any further questions to the Clay County Prosecutor’s Office.