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Thieves target cars in outer lots at Chiefs games

Publish Date 01/09/2020

Trying to save a little money on parking at the Chiefs’ playoff game this weekend?

Thieves have been targeting the vehicles of fans parked in outer, private lots, like those operated by businesses and churches near Arrowhead Stadium. Anyone parking in these lots – or really anyone parking anywhere – is urged not to leave any items of value in your vehicle. A lock isn’t enough to stop a thief. They will break a window in seconds, leaving you with stolen items and the cost of repairing a window. An event like a Chiefs game is a target-rich environment for thieves, giving them thousands of opportunities all in one place.

So make your vehicle an unattractive target. Do not leave phones, laptops, chargers and accessories, firearms, loose change, purses, briefcases, luggage, bags or anything of value in your vehicle in plain view. Even if your bag has nothing of value in it, thieves will still break in to find out.

A Chiefs win will feel a lot better if you don’t return to a car that’s been broken into, so ensure there are no valuables left inside it.