Two-day initiative clears 170 warrants

Publish Date 09/13/2016

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Kansas City Police and federal agents, in cooperation with the Kansas City No Violence Alliance (KC NoVA) and its many partners, arrested 34 people for their involvement in multiple violent crimes during Operation Street Audit from Sept. 12-13.

The individuals sought during this operation were identified by KC NoVA as being among the most violent and active offenders in Kansas City. The ones targeted Monday and Tuesday already have had enforcement action taken against them through KC NoVA and KCPD but have continued to commit violent crimes.

More than 130 police officers and federal agents conducted 288 residence checks over the past two days. They arrested 34 people, which cleared 170 warrants.

“We know who you are,” Mayor Sly James said at a press conference discussing the results of Operation Street Audit today. “We know who your friends are. We know what you’re doing. The 34 people arrested over the past two days should be well aware of that by now.”

Rosilyn Temple, Executive Director of Mothers in Charge, said the operation was about more than just putting people in jail.

“We’re out here to save someone’s life,” she said.

The members of these identified criminal networks are 550 times more likely to be murdered than the average American, according to KC NoVA analysis.

The individuals sought for Operation Street Audit have not accepted the many social services KC NoVA offers to help those involved in violent crime pursue a better and more productive life path.

Officers, Ms. Temple and several other KC NoVA social service providers spoke with many of the individuals and family members they encountered during the operation to make them aware of the services available to get out of a life of crime. These include assistance with education, job training, housing, mental and physical health care, addiction therapy and more. There are currently 133 clients receiving services through KC NoVA.

Assisting KCPD with the enforcement portion of the operation were the FBI, U.S. Marshals Service and ATF.


KC NoVA is a collaboration of law enforcement, prosecutors and community groups, including the Kansas City Police Department, the U.S. Attorney, FBI, ATF, the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, the Missouri Board of Probation and Parole and UMKC. KC NoVA identifies persons closest to group-related violence and tries to engage them by offering help to improve their lives. The collaboration enforces against those who continue to engage in violence.