Witnesses sought in shooting at party

Publish Date 08/22/2019
flyer for the party.jpg

Three people were shot at a party on May 25 at Local Legends Gaming at 3933 Main St. The photo is the advertisement for that party. Despite the fact the party was packed full of young adults and juveniles, witnesses have not come forward. Detectives believe they have identified a person of interest, but the investigation cannot move forward without witnesses.

If you were at the party that night but were not struck by a bullet, you’re still a victim and deserve justice, too. If you were at this party (or you are the parent of someone who was at this party who can tell your child to share what they know), please do the right thing and come forward. Call the KCPD Assault Squad at 816-234-5227. With your help, police can submit this case to prosecutors, and justice can come for the victims.