Attorney/Insurer Records Request Form

By law, certain records may be open upon request to certain individuals but closed to the general public. Please state your interest in the records requested (such as general public, named party in record, victim, etc.) so that KCPD may determine whether those records, if closed to the public, may be available to you.
Requestor's Information
Reason for Request

I represent the below client(s) for the purpose of this request

Reason for Request (check all that apply)

Attorney/insurer must provide proof of clients relationship, such as, birth certificate

Records Requested (provide all known information to help process your request)
crash, burglary, arson, etc.
incident report, reconstruction report
There is a backlog of video and audio requests, which require additional research time prior to release and may slow down your request by more than three weeks. If you are not requesting video or audio recordings at this time, then check "No"

In compliance with 18 U.S.C. 2721, also known as the Driver’s Protection Act, and in order to receive certain information unredacted, you must meet one of the following criteria. I qualify to receive certain personal information, because the following applies to my client/insured (check all that apply):
check all that apply