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Gang Intelligence Squad

The Gang Intelligence Squad works in conjunction with local, state and federal agencies to collect and disseminate intelligence and data on individuals and groups involved in gang activity, violent crime and drug trafficking. Detectives identify members of gangs and crews and work to dismantle these organized criminal groups through actionable intelligence, target enforcement and coordinated prosecution. In addition, detectives assist in conducting risk for retaliations to deter further retaliatory violence following an event.

If you or someone you know is engaged in an organized criminal group or gang there are resources available and organizations ready to provide assistance. Below is a list of available resources. 

Kansas City No Violence Alliance (KC NoVA) - A community collaboration including law enforcement focused on reducing violence crime in Kansas City. KC NoVA identifies those who are most at risk of engaging in violence or being a victim of violence and provides them a message  of hope, support and guidance. KC NoVA wants to keep at risk individuals safe, alive and out of prison. KC NoVA has dedicated client advocates working with individuals to provide them tools necessary for success. Phone: (816) 459-4300 

Police Athletic League of Kansas City (PAL) - The mission of the Police Athletic League of Kansas City is to offer youth the opportunity to interact with police officers in a positive setting while participating in cultural, mentoring and sports programs with the main emphasis being placed on academics. The PAL program serves as a constructive alternative to anti-social behavior and boredom during their developmental years and into adulthood. Phone: (816) 241-6816 

The Gang Unit can be reached by phone at 816-459-4387 or by email at 

Parents' Guide to Gangs Brochures can be found on the Crime Prevention Tips and Brochures page.