Join Officer Malcolm Whitelaw as he shows you first hand a day in the life of officer's from the KCPD! Officer Whitelaw will be highlighting all different elements of the Department. Buckle up and hop in the patrol car. This is a view inside of KCPD that you've never had before!

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KCPD VLOG #1: Ride Along with Central Patrol Officers

KCPD VLOG #2: K9 Unit

KCPD VLOG #3: Ride Along with East Patrol Officers


KCPD VLOG #4: Ride Along with South Patrol Officers

KCPD Sergeant Terry Grimmett tells the story of how one homeless man inspired him to give back

KCPD Bike Officers Join Cub Scout Bike Rodeo

KCPD Better Equipped to Respond to Individuals with Special Needs