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Recruiting Team

Meet Officer Amber Hoffman

Officer Hoffman grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and had many peers whose parents were police officers. She felt a unique admiration for those officers, and a connection as she grew to understand her own desire to help others. She decided at an early age to pursue a career in law enforcement. She began her career with KCPD in 2006. 

Officer Hoffman enjoys helping those with a desire to serve the Kansas City community find a fit at KCPD.

You can reach Officer Hoffman at Amber.Hoffman@KCPD.ORG or by phone at (816) 234-5402.

Meet Officer Damon Harrell

Officer Harrell has been with KCPD over 25 years and finds that being able to assist people who are in need brings immeasurable rewards. He's happy to be in a role in which he can offer the opportunity to others to reap those same rewards. 

When he is talking to potential candidates for positions at KCPD, he is listening to hear the sounds of a heartbeat to serve.

Officer Harrell can be reached by e-mail at Damon.Harrell@KCPD.ORG or by phone at (816) 234-5408.