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Private Officers Licensing


On Monday, May 18, 2020 we will open our office to ALL processing with the following guidelines:

·        Our lobby will be limited to five (5) walk-in applicants at a time.

·        All applicants will need to practice social distancing, staying six (6) feet apart from each other.

·        The hallway is taped off, continuing the practice of social distancing, staying six (6) feet apart for office overflow.

·        We will continue our long time practice, allowing only applicants in our lobby.

·        All applicants must be wearing a mask prior to entering our lobby.


As previously stated, we will allow all armed expired licenses, those that expired after March 23, 2020, an extension to renew until May 20, 2020.  That means no additional charge on armed expired licenses if renewed after their March 23, 2020 expiration date by 3:30 p.m. on May 20, 2020.   

We continue to encourage you to renew all unarmed applicants by email-, mail and fax in an effort to minimize the number of persons in our lobby and waiting to enter the lobby. 

We are working on getting each company a list of ALL those processed during the state of emergency pandemic that need to be fingerprinted, tested and photographed for a private security license. We will be emailing a list as soon as it is completed to your company representative. 

All those applicants that have not been fingerprinted, tested or photographed will be required to respond to our office by June 30, 2020 to complete the licensing process.


                                        KCPD RANGE QUALIFICATIONS


As noted previously, we will allow all armed, new and renewing applicants, to qualify with an outside range through May 20, 2020. The guidelines remain as previously outlined.


The KCPD Police Pistol Range will resume private security qualifications June 1, 2020, with the following  guidelines:

·        All applicants may be required to be screened for temperature prior to entering the facility.

·        All applicants must be wearing a mask prior to entering the facility.


Again, we appreciate your patience and support during the state of emergency pandemic. We look forward to seeing you all and taking the necessary precautions to keep our community safe.

-Private Officers Licensing Unit

635 Woodland, Suite 2104
Kansas City, Missouri 64106
Phone:  816-889-6600
Fax:  816-889-6609


Hours:   7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday – Friday
(New Applicants accepted from 7:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.)

The Private Officers Licensing Unit is responsible for processing applications for private security licenses.  Rules, forms and frequently asked questions are provided to assist in the process.

Each applicant shall submit to photographing, fingerprinting and successfully pass a written examination.  Only cash, credit cards, money orders, cashier’s checks or checks drawn on accounts of licensed companies are accepted in payment of fees.  All fees are nonrefundable.  No personal checks.


This is a reminder regarding ANNUAL range qualifications.

As outlined in Title 17 of the Code of State Regulations, 10-2.055, (4), “ All applicants seeking licensure for positions for which firearms may be possessed MUST qualify annually with the firearm(s) on the department pistol range and under the supervision of the department’s firearms instructors. The firearms qualifications standards shall be in accordance with those established by department for its officers.”

If you have not qualified annually you will be issued an unarmed card.

ALL licenses, may be renewed three months prior to their expiration date displayed on their card.

Private Officers Licensing Fees

Private Officers Licensing Forms

Private Officers Licensing Frequently Asked Questions