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Private Officers Licensing

The Private Officers Licensing Unit is responsible for processing applications for private security licenses.  Rules, forms and frequently asked questions are provided to assist in the process.

Each applicant shall submit to photographing, fingerprinting and successfully pass a written examination.  Only cash, credit cards, money orders, cashier’s checks or checks drawn on accounts of licensed companies are accepted in payment of fees.  All fees are nonrefundable.  No personal checks.

Our forms, found here, can all be completed electronically. For information on how to fill out a form without printing, we have provided instructions here.

We will accept a US Birth certificate, US Passport or a Permanent Resident card or one of the following for licensing private security personnel;

  • Employment authorization papers/card
  • Green card
  • Work permit

ALL licenses, may be renewed three months prior to their expiration date displayed on their card.

We continue to encourage you to renew all armed and unarmed licenses by mail, email – and/or fax 816-889-6609.

This is a reminder regarding ANNUAL range qualifications.

As outlined in Title 17 of the Code of State Regulations, 10-2.055, (4), “ All applicants seeking licensure for positions for which firearms may be possessed MUST qualify annually with the firearm(s) on the department pistol range and under the supervision of the department’s firearms instructors. The firearms qualifications standards shall be in accordance with those established by department for its officers.”



The following are changes that were published in the March 15, 2024 issue of the Missouri Register. 

The Code effective date is April 30, 2024.

The new Code Publication of Title 17 of the Code of State Regulations is available here.

Below are SOME of the changes but please read the entire NEW TITLE 17.

10-2.010 (5) (C) - This is a reminder that, “ANY DIRECT SUPERVISOR FOR A SECURITY OFFICER is required to be licensed.”

10-2.020 (1) - “Armed licensees may not work unarmed without submitting a new Form 5409 P.D. and obtaining an unarmed license.”

10-2.020 (9)  - “Any person licensed under these rules may hold a maximum of three (3) licenses” (The fee will be that of the actual license classification, armed or unarmed).

10-2.030 - (1) (A) – This is a reminder that your authority “does not to extend to the public streets of the city.”

10-2.030 (1) (A) (1) – “duties include but are not limited to”

10-2.030 (1) (A) (2) – “duties include but are not limited to”

10-2.030 (1) (B) (1) – “duties include but are not limited to”

10-2.030 (1) (B) (2) – “duties include but are not limited to”

10-2.030 (1) (B) (4) – “Reciprocal license”

10-2.040 – Licensing Fees; At this time, the fingerprint fee remains $33.25. (fees are established by State/FBI)

10-2.055 (5) (B) – “The applicant shall be given a maximum of three (3) additional opportunities to qualify.”

10-2.060 (4) – Licenses under review that could result in probation, suspension, or revocation will have five (5) days to file a notice of review with our office. All licenses under review may be before a hearing officer appointed by the board who will hear the case solely on the record. Once the hearing officer renders a decision, the individual and company will be notified in writing within five (5) days.  The licensee may appeal the decision of the hearing officer’s decision to the board within ten (10) days.  That appeal will be heard at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.



Our expenses are outpacing the revenue collected. Please note that there has not been a fee increase since 2013.

If you have any questions please contact me or any member of our staff at the contact information outlined below.


-Private Officers Licensing Unit

635 Woodland, Suite 2104
Kansas City, Missouri 64106
Phone:  816-889-6600
Fax:  816-889-6609

Hours:   7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday – Friday
(New Applicants accepted from 7:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.)

For a list of early closure and closed dates for our unit, please see our calendar here.