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The Kansas City Missouri Police Department announced the creation of the Community Engagement Division in December, 2022.

The division oversees KCPD’s social workers, youth services, community interaction officers, crisis intervention team, housing officers, chaplains, and LGBTQ+ liaison officer.

Interim Chief Joseph Mabin selected Major Kari Thompson, who was most recently major at the East Patrol, to lead the division.

This division utilizes the people and resources that already exist to contribute to Kansas City’s well-being while still working out of individual patrol divisions. 

Now, they are intertwined, helping us communicate better and streamline resources, providing better service to our residents and businesses.

Our CIT officers are experts at serving people with mental illnesses, working hand-in-hand with mental health liaisons at treatment centers.

Our social workers connect those in need with resources when law enforcement is not necessary.

Our housing officers work with landlords and tenants at rental properties to reduce crime and create safer neighborhoods.

In countless ways, the Community Engagement Division meets people where they are with care and concern. 

This includes an officer dedicated to our LGBTQIA+ community, a community that is growing in numbers and has a need. Officer Alex Saragusa is working tirelessly with this community to make sure they are represented and have the information that they need to be safe.

Our youth services officers are creating a new level of trust and communication with the next generation of our community leaders, business owners and citizens.

For general questions about the Community Engagement Division, you can send a message to