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The Kansas City Missouri Police Department is looking for people who want to achieve greatness — not defined necessarily by heroic works but by a constant dedication to serving those around you.

Who We Are

  • KCPD is, first and foremost, defined by our family of officers and professional staff.
  • We are leaders, leading Kansas City, Missouri.
  • We are challengers, pushing each other to greatness.
  • We all have a desire to serve. That is why we chose KCPD. This is our opportunity to work with the citizens of Kansas City, protect and enhance the quality of those lives.


No matter what industry or field you are considering a career in, one of the most important factors in choosing a career path is the opportunity for advancement. This allows for long-term growth and job satisfaction in a position that best suits you. KCPD features a number of units, each with the opportunity to grow.

Officers, when eligible, are encouraged to apply for positions in:

● Bomb & Arson Squad

● Traffic/Motorcycle Unit

● Recruiting Unit

● Tactical Response Team

● Bicycle Patrol

● Homicide

● DUI Unit

● Training Division

● K-9 Unit

● Intelligence Unit

● Crisis Negotiation Team

● Helicopter Unit

The Military & KCPD

At KCPD, You'll find your family

Just ask Simon Harper, a Supervisor in our Helicopter Unit who joined KCPD after a career with the Air Force. Simon and many other department members will tell you  they feel at home at KCPD after serving their country in the military.
And, that is just one of the benefits!

The Kansas City Missouri Police Department employs many U.S. military veterans as well as Reservists and National Guardsmen.

In addition to paid Military Leave for active duty military employees, those with military experience also qualify for additional benefits through the GI Bill. 




KCPD takes pride in its diversified workforce, which includes the hiring of women. KCPD is currently represented by women in sworn positions ranging from less than one year to more than 30 years of service. 

Because we believe in the power of women, KCPD has committed to the 30x30 Initiative. We share the vision to increase the representation of women in our police recruit classes to 30% by 2030, and to ensure our policies and culture intentionally support the success of qualified women officers throughout their careers.

Learn more about women in the force.



Lateral Moves


Below are a few of the many benefits KCPD has to offer:

  • Large department, more avenues for advancement
  • Benefits package among the best in the region
  • Diverse opportunities for personal & professional development
  • Residency requirements up to 30 miles from the nearest border of Kansas City, MO in Kansas or Missouri!
  • No bidding for shifts!
  • Exercise facilities located at every division station
  • Tattoos & beards no longer disqualify a candidate for employment, please contact Employment for details.

Learn more about Eligibility and Transfer Process.


Find your future with kcpd

Check out our opportunities and find YOUR perfect fit.

Ready to APPLY NOW? Stop by and check out the Hiring Process and you'll be on your way!