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As the largest police department in the region, KCPD offers officers and professionals the chance to find the perfect spot. Check out the open positions below. 

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Assistant Supervisor, Technical Leader, Kansas City Police Crime Lab/Crime Scene Investigation Section - Expires June 5, 2024

Forensic Specialist II, Crime Scene Technician - Expires May 28, 2024

Licensing Regulator - Private Officers Licensing Unit - Expires May 28, 2024







POLICE OFFICER: $5,744 to $8,723/month 


Provide law enforcement and public safety to the community to include: the protection of life and property, enforcement of laws and ordinances, traffic enforcement, crime prevention, patrol activity, accident investigation, resolution of domestic and other disturbances, and prosecution support. All assignments require tactful and respectful treatment of the public and conscientious and efficient performance of duties. Work is reviewed by a sergeant and/or commanding officer through observation, inspection, and through both oral and written reports.

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Communications Specialist III - Call Taker


REQUIREMENTS: Provide professional, quality service to citizens by receiving, evaluating, and routing emergency and non-emergency calls.

Brief Job Description:

  • Answer emergency and non-emergency calls and determine if Police, Fire, or Ambulance is needed, efficiently and in a calm, professional manner.
  • Interview and respond to the caller’s situation to provide services, information, and/or referral to other agencies or elements.
  • Obtain information, efficiently and accurately determine type of call and priority, and enter details into the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system simultaneously in order to assist officers and foster officer and citizen safety.
  • Monitor and manipulate multiple computer screens. 
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding sensitive or confidential information.

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Communications Specialist IV - Dispatcher

Fleet Operations Unit

Fleet Operations Technician II, Automotive Mechanic


REQUIREMENTS: Provide automotive repairs and maintenance to department vehicles.

Brief Job Description:

  • Repair, inspect, and service department vehicles; may include duties such as line repair work, tune-ups, fabrication of special equipment, road tests, transmission, electrical system, and brakes.

  • Install, test, and repair specialized police equipment.

  • Perform clerical support tasks; such as writing service orders, searching for part listings and service records, and maintaining service log sheets.

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Fleet Operations Tech I, Automotive Servicer

Parking Control Officer



Enforce parking ordinances; expedite the safe movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic when problems exist; resolve parking and traffic-related complaints.

Brief Job Description:

  1. Patrol assigned areas; City streets, parking lots and facilities to inspect parking violations.

  2. Issue parking citations and assume responsibility for vehicle towing to enforce parking ordinances.

  3. Communicate with citizens to assess the nature of complaints and to resolve complaints.

  4. Assist citizens with requests for information and directions to various local destinations.

  5. Facilitate the safe and expeditious movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic when problems exist and during special or ceremonial events.

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Maintenance Custodian



To provide general building cleaning and maintenance in an environmentally safe manner. To observe and identify security/CJIS violations and report immediately.

Brief Job Description:

  • Perform general building cleaning to include, but not limited to: sweeping and mopping floors; cleaning restrooms, drinking fountains and showers; polishing fixtures, brass and handrails; cleaning mirrors, glass surfaces and window ledges, blinds and fixtures; emptying trash; filling all paper dispensers; vacuuming all carpeted areas and rugs; washing and/or dusting all surfaces; and stripping, waxing and buffing floors.

  • Perform grounds maintenance to include, but not limited to: mowing; removing weeds; removing trash and debris; and trimming shrubs and trees.

  • Check light fixtures and replace burned out lamps.

  • Inventory and order supplies when needed from Headquarters.

  • Must have the ability to communicate (hear and verbally) with other BOU members and dispatchers through the use of hand-held radios.

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administrative assistant III

Patrol Desk Clerk



To provide clerical support and excellent customer service to citizens for police-related activities in an assigned patrol division station. Incumbent is responsible for answering the phone, typing police reports from citizens (both in person and phoned in), handling money from sales of police reports, background checks, and bonds.

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Administrative Assistant III, Records Specialist

Administrative Assistant III, RMS Validation



REQUIREMENTS: To observe and identify security violations and report immediately.  Maintain the overall security of department facilities; controlling all access. Coordinate response for critical incidents and/or terroristic threat. Facilitate an evacuation should it be needed.

Brief Job Description:

This position is an unarmed, uniformed position with primary responsibilities being to observe and report on/or in specific premises or designated areas, to escort or guide, to control crowds, to give directions, to monitor camera systems, to control access, and to offer assistance for the safety of others. The guard has no authority to detain or apprehend a person suspected of committing a crime.
Provide overall security for department facilities, check visitor identification to ensure unauthorized personnel are not admitted to facilities, issue visitor passes to citizens to conduct police business. Perform lock-up duties such as securing stairwells, elevators, and other designated areas after normal business hours.

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Computer services specialist I, Tech I


To coordinate, configure, install, test, and troubleshoot all personal computer hardware/software, printers and other
peripheral devices connected to the Department’s network. This position requires the incumbent to work as part of an
established team to develop and deliver to our users a culture of service excellence and the highest quality customer
service. Provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 support to users of the KCPD/REJIS criminal justice network.

Brief Job Description:

  • Provide technical assistance, excellent customer service, and problem solving to users for all devices
    connected to the network.
  • Maintain work tickets, requests, tasks, and time-logs within the helpdesk software.
  • Effectively communicate problem information and analysis verbally and in written documentation.
  • Provide desktop support for hardware, software, adds, moves and changes for all network supported
    devices. Follow technical procedures to conduct diagnostics.

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Responsible for managing all duties within an assigned Patrol Division Detention Unit. Process arrests, utilize intake
procedures, conduct detainee release procedures, facilitate bonding of detainees, coordinate transfers of detainees,
and manage the detainee population within designated detention unit.

Brief Job Description:

  • Process incoming arrests; which includes: searching, taking inventory of property, verifying the identity of the
    arrest, fingerprinting and photographing detainees.
  • Act as booking officer by maintaining detainee information, verifying the completion of intake forms,
    classifying detainee and assigning cell location, and maintaining detainee count and cell locations.
  • Provide safety and security of and monitor the activities of detainees; provide food and personal hygiene
    products to detainees; monitor detainees’ medical status and take appropriate action when illness or injury is
    suspected; summon emergency medical care when needed.
    4. Restrain and control belligerent/assaultive detainees; remain calm under great provocation; and follow all
    department policies and procedures.

Read the Full Job Description for Detention Officer

Field Service Technician


To install, service, and repair communications equipment in the field. To maintain a region wide radio network
supporting 28 local agencies. Maintain tower and network infrastructure in KCMO and surrounding
communities. Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision.

Brief Job Description:

  • Perform in the field or on the bench, repair services on radio base stations, consoles, microwave
    networks, computer networks and other equipment.
  • Configure software to ensure proper operation of radio system, microwave network, consoles, and
    emergency equipment.
  • Perform component level repair of communications equipment, and other electrical equipment for
    public safety, public service, and other agencies as required.
  • Configure routers, switches, firewalls, multiplexers, and microwave network to support radio and 911

Read the Full Job Description for Field Service Technician

Communications Servicer - Electronic Technician


To install, service, and repair communications equipment and other electronic devices. Work with Law
Enforcement Officers and Civilian solving problems they may be having with radio or electronic equipment.
Work independently with minimal supervision.

Brief Job Description:

  • Service and install radios, sirens, radar, mobile computing, video capture, networking, and other
    electrical equipment in vehicles at various locations.
  • Configure software to ensure proper operation of radios, video capture, mobile data and emergency
  • Service vehicles that are experiencing electrical and electronic equipment difficulties.
  • Perform component level repair of communications equipment, surveillance equipment, and other
    electrical equipment for public safety, public service, and other agencies as required.Remove communications and other electrical equipment from destroyed or decommissioned vehicles.

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Communications Servicer - Radio Installer


Basic installation, service, and repair of communications equipment and other electronic devices.

Brief Job Description:

  • Design brackets for and install radios, sirens, radar and other electronic devices.
  • Pre-fabricate various wiring harnesses and equipment packages for future installation.
  • Remove and reinstall interior vehicle panels, seats, and flooring.
  • Perform public safety and public service electronic equipment installations in new and in-service
  • Remove communications and other electrical equipment from destroyed or decommissioned vehicles.


Read the Full Job Description for Radio Installer


The Kansas City Missouri Police Department employment practices are designed to hire, promote, and assign members without discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, limited English proficiency, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, disability, or low-income level.

NOTE: Marijuana and its various analogues, derivatives, and precursors, in whatever form, even if prescribed under a state medical marijuana law, remains illegal under federal law and is prohibited under the employer’s policy.