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Crisis Intervention Team

Crisis Intervention Team

KCPD was the first department in the Kansas City Metro Area to have a dedicated CIT Unit, beginning in July of 2017, which is available to respond to citizens with chronic mental health diagnoses.

The CIT Unit also provides education and community presentations. They work closely with the Missouri Community Mental Health Liaison (CMHL) Program designed to improve outcomes of people with behavioral health issues when they are in contact with courts and police.

KCPD CIT UNIT: (816) 581-0696

KCPD’s Crisis Intervention Team is an active member of the MidAmerica CIT Council (MACIT), which is dedicated to supporting positive law enforcement services to persons with mental illness, provided with effectiveness, safety, fairness, and compassion.

MACIT is a member of the Missouri Crisis Intervention Team (MO CIT), which is an organization whose primary purpose is to facilitate understanding, development, and implementation of CIT programs throughout Missouri.


the crisis intervention team program is a community partnership bringing together mental health service providers, consumers and family members

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Officers help to improve interaction between law enforcement and persons with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders and prevent the inappropriate restraint, incarceration, and stigmatization of these persons. CIT Officers help reduce injury to officers, family members and individuals in crisis, and link individuals with mental illness to appropriate treatment and resources in the community.

CIT training is designed to educate and prepare police officers who come into contact with people with mental illnesses to recognize the signs and symptoms of these illnesses and to respond effectively and appropriately to individuals in crisis. Because police officers are often the first responders in these incidents, it is essential that they know how mental illnesses can alter people’s behaviors and perceptions. The trained CIT officer is skilled at de-escalating crises involving people with mental illness, while bringing an element of understanding and compassion to these difficult situations. 

Benefits of CIT

– Reduces the stigma and the need for further involvement with the criminal justice system.
– Decrease in arrest rates and reported injuries for persons with mental illness.
– Officer injury rates during crisis events decline.
– Increased officer recognition.
– Under-served consumers are identified by officers and provided with care.
– Officers are better trained and educated in verbal de-escalation techniques

It’s OK to ask for a CIT Officer
The CIT Program is a service to the community, so don’t be afraid to use it. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to call law enforcement to intervene with a person experiencing a mental health crisis, it’s okay to request a CIT officer.

For any questions, please email

Helpful links:

Community Resources

CIT Training Calendar

Printable Brochures:

Crisis Intervention Team Brochure- English

Equipo De Intervención El Folleto- Spanish

24/7 Call, text, chat

If you or someone you know needs support, call or text 988 or chat

988: Suicide and mental health crisis care.

911: Dispatching emergency medical care, fire and police.

211: Information and referrals regarding health and social service resources.