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Regional Police Academy

The Kansas City Missouri Regional Police Academy serves multiple metropolitan area law enforcement agencies. While the Regional Police Academy is not a residential academy, life at the Academy entails long and difficult days. The Entrant Officer generally begins the day at 7 a.m. and ends the day at 4 p.m.

Entrant Officers must be flexible in their schedule as training opportunities often change with short notice and a variety of training may take place during non-traditional hours. Before submitting an application, the applicant should ask themselves if they have the drive, dedication and physical ability for success. If the applicant is not participating in a physical fitness regiment prior to their appointment to the Academy, they will find themselves far behind the minimal goals of the Academy fitness program. To enhance learning and the ability to transfer the learning to the field, the Academy is based on Adult Learning/Reality Based instruction, while Order and Discipline still remain as foundations for building character, self worth, integrity and team work. Entrant Officers are expected to meet established goals and objectives, while following direction.

The Entrant Officer is paid while attending the Academy and, generally, all equipment and gear is provided. An intensive academic venue is followed in accordance with Missouri P.O.S.T. standards as well as additional areas of instruction. Missouri P.O.S.T. rules are strictly adhered to and each block of instruction is consistently tested to ensure Entrant Officer comprehension and application. Entrant officers are expected to perform well during the entire training process.

Currently, Academy time consists of 28 to 30 weeks of instruction. Multiple Observed Performances along with a Practical Integrated Exercise take place each quarter to evaluate the Entrant Officers' achievements. Prior to receiving approval to take the Missouri Peace Officers Licensing Examination to receive their certification as a Peace Officer in the State of Missouri, the Entrant Officer must pass one week of Situational Training and receive approval by the Director. Entrant Officers are also encouraged during their time at the Academy to participate in a charitable project or event such as adopting a family or attending a run to benefit a cause. This is done on the Entrant Officer's own time away from instructional hours.

Class unity, teamwork and community spirit are emphasized.

Preparing for the Academy

Prior to arriving at the Regional Police Academy as an Entrant Officer, the staff of the Basic Training Section have made months of preparations to receive you. While this is an exciting time in the life of the Entrant Officer, the first few weeks can be hectic and fast paced.

Proper preparation will assist you in your future success in the program. Below are instructions on a variety of items that can impact the move into a structured learning environment.

Physical Fitness: Exercise/Yoga/Guided Combat Breathing/Health & Fitness/Stress Management

Entrant Officers complete a regimented physical fitness program which begins during the first week and continues through the final week of training. The workouts progress from utilizing body weight to lifting weighted bars. Entrant Officers are also introduced to yoga, which is practiced approximately two times per week to assist with flexibility and overall health. Guided combat breathing is taught and practiced throughout the time in the Academy. Tips for health, fitness, and stress management are included in the physical fitness program.

The Physical Training & Defensive Training staff also incorporates CrossFit into the physical fitness program. CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program and is the physical training program of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. KCPD is proud to be one of only a few nationally recognized non-profit CrossFit Law Enforcement Affiliates.

One’s level of physical fitness is directly related to their ability to function successfully as a police officer. Potential Police Academy recruits are encouraged to begin preparing themselves to meet the physical demands of the Police Academy and of being a police officer. The following is a sample one-week workout you can do at home with limited space and no required equipment. This program can be repeated as often as desired.

Day 1 3 Rounds for Time: 10 push-up, 20 sit-ups, 30 air squats
Day 2 3 Rounds for Time: Run 400 m,10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups
Day 3 3 Rounds for Time: Sprint 100m,10 air squats, sprint 100m,10 air squats, sprint 100m,10 air squats
Day 4 Rest
Day 5 3 Rounds for Time: 10 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 30 air squats
Day 6 3 Rounds for Time: Run 400 m,10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups
Day 7 3 Rounds for Time: Sprint 100m,10 air squats, sprint 100m,10 air squats, sprint 100m,10 air squats
  • For push-ups, ensure you touch your chest to the ground. For sit-ups, elbows must touch the tops of the knees.
  • Use a stopwatch for workouts that are completed for time. The workout should be completed as quickly as possible with little or no rest between rounds/sets. Record your times to compare with future workouts and note improvements.
  • Workouts should be done with emphasis placed on form, technique, and range of motion. Mechanics and consistency should be emphasized over intensity.

The Beginning

Generally, the training session for each class will commence on a Monday. However, if a holiday falls on that day, the beginning day for the class will move to Tuesday. Kansas City Missouri Police Officer Candidates will report on the first day of the training session as instructed by the Human Resources Department for processing. Regional Agencies will follow their agencies directions for the first scheduled day. Upon arriving at the Regional Police Academy, Entrant Officers will park in the designated parking area located on the EAST side of the main building. Access into the building by Entrant Officers during their entire training session will be through the east first-floor doors, unless otherwise directed by staff.

Dress for all Entrant Officers will be business attire (Males: Dress Shirt, Tie, Slacks) (Females: Dress Shirt and Slacks) until the entire class is uniform ready.

Absolutely no denim clothing of any kind is allowed.


While the majority of equipment and uniforms are supplied to the entrant officer, there are items that are needed and not provided. These items will be discussed during the first day of training.
  • Two or Three 3-ring binders
  • Paper
  • Dividers
  • BLACK Ball point pens
  • Large Gym Bag
  • Combination Padlock (No Key Locks Allowed)
  • Running Shoes
  • Athletic Socks
  • Personal Hygiene products
  • Department approved boots - black leather, plain toed, and polishable
  • Black Socks

Physical Training and Defensive Tactics Gear (needed by week two of the Academy)

  • Wrestling Shoes
  • Mouth Piece
  • Department-Issued Gloves; if not issued, black in color
  • Department-Issued Stocking Cap; if not issued, black in color
  • Compression Type Shorts
  • Athletic Supporter & Cup; mandatory for males and optional for females
  • White Socks
  • 1 Quart (32 oz.) Plastic Water Bottle with Name and Serial # clearly printed on it


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