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Financial Crime Victim Information

Being a victim of a financial based crime can be a troubling time for a victim.  If you have discovered that you are the victim of a financial crime there are several things that you need to do immediately.

  • Notify the bank, or financial institution, where the affected account is located.  The financial institutions have procedures for victims to follow.  This can include completing affidavits disputing the fraudulent transactions, closing the affected account, and opening a new account.
  • Notify the Police Department.  Based on the type of financial transactions that have occurred the clerk or officer, will determine the exact classification of police report that will be completed.
  • Obtain a copy of your credit report.  Many times when a financial victim discovers they have a fraudulent transaction on an account they will look further into their finances and they reveal other transactions, or even financial accounts, have been conducted or created.
  • If fraudulent accounts are discovered notify the financial institutions where these accounts originated.
  • Document everything. Keep accurate records of who you talk to, when you talk to them, and the details of the conversation.
  • Keep copies of all bank statements, checks, credit card receipts, bills and invoices, and letters from creditors.
  • Remain diligent.

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