When a person is arrested by a KCPD officer, the “arrestee” will be processed at a Patrol Division Detention Unit. An arrestee will be held up to 6 hours at a Patrol Division Detention Unit to provide the opportunity to post bond. If bond is not posted, they will be transferred to the KCPD Holding Facility located within the Jackson County Detention Center. Arrestees are transferred when an overnight stay is required due to Municipal Video Court Arraignment for city charges or Circuit Court Arraignment for state charges.

Please contact a Patrol Division Detention Unit regarding arrestee information. Typically, the arrestee is transported to the detention unit closest to the location of arrest. All inquiries regarding a KCPD arrest should be made at a KCPD Patrol facility. (Do not contact the Jackson County Detention Center regarding a KCPD arrest.)

Residents can call 816-234-5180 or one of the three KCPD detention units listed below:

South Patrol Detention
9701 Marion Park Dr.
Phone: 816-234-5550

East Patrol Detention  
2640 Prospect
Phone: 816-482-8533

Shoal Creek Patrol Detention
6801 N.E. Pleasant Valley Rd.
Phone: 816-413-3400

Bonds can be posted at any of the six KCPD Patrol Division Stations and Police Headquarters. 

The old jail at KCPD Headquarters is closed.


Types of arrests and holds:

  • City arrest– individuals arrested for violating a city ordinance
  • Investigation arrest–individuals arrested for an offense that the state prosecutor has not yet charged in a warrant (usually referred to as a 24-hour investigation)
  • State warrant–individuals charged by the prosecutor for violating a state statute 

Bonding procedures

  • On city charges, the bonding company usually charges 20 percent of the face bond amount.
  • On state charges, the bonding company usually charges 10 percent of the face bond amount.
  • On warrants, the courts will dictate the type of bond needed.

Types of bonds

  • Cash or bonding company–funded by cash from an individual’s own pockets or through arrangements with a bond company
  • Cash only–set by the courts as an initial bond or as a result of not appearing in court
  • 10 percent–placed on state warrants by state court judges, meaning that 10 percent of the bond’s face value must be made to the courts in order to be released
  • Secured–made by a bond company, usually on state warrants
  • Secured or 10 percent–made by a bond company through individual arrangement or 10 percent of the bond’s face value made to the courts
  • Own recognizance–a signature bond ordered by a state court judge on state warrants

Court phone numbers

  • Municipal Court (city): 816-513-2700
    1101 Locust St.
  • Jackson County Department of Corrections (Jackson County jail): 816-881-4200 (state side)
    KCPD Detention: 816-234-5180
    1300 Cherry St.
  • Jackson County Regional Correction Center (former MCI): 816-881-3490
    505 E. 13th St.