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Intimidation and Harassment

Intimidation or Harassments are investigated by the Domestic Violence Section. If the Intimidation or Harassment is sexual in nature the Sex Crimes Section will be the investigating element.

Intimidation or Harassment… What is it?
It is defined as communicating with an individual for the purpose of frightening, intimidating and/or causing substantial emotional distress to an individual by repeated communication.

• Harassment (565.090)

A person commits the crime of harassment if for the purpose of frightening or disturbing another person, person…
1. Communicates in writing or by telephone a threat to commit any felony; or
2. Makes a telephone call or communicates in writing and uses coarse language offensive to one of average sensibility; or
3. Makes a telephone call anonymously; or
4. Makes repeated telephone calls.

Steps you can take…
1. Block the calling number.
2. Change the phone number that is receiving the calls.
3. Document evidence such as saving voice messages.
4. Write down times and dates of the calls.
5. Call your telephone provider and ask about call trace or call trap.
6. Do you recognize the voice?

Intimidating and/or Harassing E-mails
This incident is not a new phenomenon within cyber crimes. Recipients of e-mail death threats at the hand of unknown parties continue to circulate. Many of these e-mails contain personal information, but such information is widely available. Evidence suggests many of these e-mails originate from foreign countries. The FBI has provided a venue to collect information of complaints such as this. We encourage you to provide details of your incident to the FBI at as these types of cases will not be investigated by the Domestic Violence Section.

Intimidating and/or Harassing Text Messages
This type of texting is on the rise. Due to the “Spoofing Technique” (ability to make a number appear on a caller ID when it is actually not the calling number) makes it hard to prove who the actual caller is. So, Caller ID is not sufficient evidence to prove the callers' ID beyond a reasonable doubt.

A police report may be taken. However, it may not be prosecuted without sufficient evidence.

If you have any questions please call Domestic Violence at 816-234-5235.

If sexual in nature please call Sex Crimes at 816-234-5220.

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