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Instructions on How to Establish a New Company

To establish a company, you need to submit the following:


  1. A completed Form 5486 P.D., company application with copies of the birth certificate or United States passport of all company representatives stipulated on #12 and #13.


  1. The new company fee of $400.00.


  1. A picture of the uniform, head to toe, front, back and side view. The company name and the word “SECURITY” must appear on the uniform or patch and clearly displayed on the outermost clothing. No uniforms, badges or other insignia using the word “POLICE” will be approved. Also no uniform identical to or bearing resemblance to any uniform used by KCPD.


  1. All those licensed will be required to furnish a photograph and description of the company vehicle and all vehicles MUST state “SECURITY” and display the company’s name. No vehicle displaying the word “POLICE” will be approved.


  1. A certificate for a fictitious name from the Missouri Secretary of State, and/or Articles of Incorporation. (816) 889-2925


  1. A certificate of insurance with policy # issued in the amount of one (1) million dollars general liability or the equivalent naming the Kansas City Missouri Board of Police Commissioners as additional insured and the certificate holder. The insurance certificate must stipulate whether you are insured to employ armed/unarmed personnel.


  1. Once the company has been approved, your company will be given a letter to procure an occupational license for Kansas City, Missouri through the Finance Department, Revenue Division, Business License Section. (816) 513-1135 ext. 3


  1. Each company must submit a list of all your company’s contract accounts with addresses.

(Please state if there are no company contracts at the time of approval.)


If you have any questions please contact Elaine Kaullen,, 816-889-6602, or Rochonda Campbell,, 816-889-6605.