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Whether you are considering a future in public service, or are an experienced officer interested in exploring new opportunities, a career path with purpose starts here. The Kansas City Missouri Police Department is a diverse, progressive department that believes strongly in the principles of crime management, community collaboration, professional accountability and employee wellness. Since 1874, KCPD officers have protected and served residents. Now, etch your name into Kansas City history.


Beyond competitive salaries and benefits, the Kansas City Missouri Police Department provides officers and professional staff with leadership opportunities and comprehensive training to increase their earning potential. As the largest police department in the region, KCPD offers all members the chance to find the perfect spot. Our specialized units are varied, highly-trained and high performing. Other area law enforcement agencies often request our specialized units to assist them.


Not only is KCPD the place where you can find your purpose, Kansas City is the city where you can find it all. Kansas City is where the Midwest thrives, famous for its barbecue, jazz, and fountains. It’s where professional and collegiate sports take center stage and where the World Cup will come calling in 2026. Yes, Kansas City IS global. It’s the #1 city in the world to work by day and play by night. Work here. Thrive here.


  • Officer Daniel Hernandez
  • Officer Aranzazu Perez
  • Jackie Wright
  • Brook McQuillar
  • Officer Brandon Walker
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What to expect as you step up to KCPD


Instead of focusing solely on personal gain, you can make a difference by joining an organization that positively impacts people's lives.
At KCPD, we're dedicated to doing everything in our power to serve and protect our community. Our mentality doesn't allow for any
shortcuts. We're looking for individuals who share this same sense of commitment. If you're someone who doesn't cut corners, we
believe you'd be a great addition to our team. Join us and become a part of something meaningful and impactful. Your future is waiting.


  • Police Officer
  • Call Taker
  • Detention Officer
  • Patrol Desk Clerk
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When you've found the fit for YOU, Go ahead to STEP 2 - Employment Checklist to prepare to apply

Note: Many factors affect the expected duration of the hiring process. Completing the entire process may take several months.

Before you begin the application process, please review the following list of important documents that are required during the process and make sure you will be able to produce what is needed.

Employment Application Checklist

The following documents must be submitted before your application is considered complete; and all documents must be an Original or Certified Copy.

  1. Birth Certificate (hospital copy not accepted)
  2. High School Diploma or G.E.D Certificate
  3. College Degree or Certified Transcript
  4. Passport sized photograph less than 1 year old. Can be uploaded.
  5. DD214-Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (long form, if applicable)
  6. Official Identification (one of the following)

a. driver's license

b. state-issued I.D. card with photo

c. U.S. Passport

d. Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship

e. Alien Registration Card with photo

f.  Unexpired Foreign Passport with attached Employment Authorization

    7. Social Security Card

If you have the documentation required, you're ready to register and login to the application portal. See Step 3 - Register & Login


Now, you are ready to create your account in the application portal.

When you click the  Apply Now button on this page, you will be directed to the application portal. To register, all you need to provide is a username, a valid email address, and a password. Select "Submit" and you will receive a confirmation on the screen stating you have been registered. You will then receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided. This code is needed in order for you to log into your account for the first time.


Once you have your verification code, you can select Login from the portal where you will then enter your chosen username and password and submit. As this is your first time logging in, you will be notified that you must enter your verification code. Click "OK" in the notification box and you will be forwarded to a login page that also includes a verification code entry box. Enter your username, password and verification code in this form and you will be logged in.

Note: the verification code is only needed the first time you log into your account. From this point on, you will login using only your username and password.

Tell Us About Your Veteran Status

Sworn and Non-Sworn Positions 

Once you are logged in for the first time, you will be asked if you are a veteran or not. Select yes or no and move on to the "Choose Your Job" tab.

Choose Your Job

Sworn and Non-Sworn Positions

After you have entered your veteran status, you will now select the job you want to apply for from the dropdown menu. Click Submit!

Are You a Lateral Transfer?

Sworn Positions

Police Officer applicants will be prompted to let us know if you are applying as a lateral transfer. Select yes or no and then submit the form.

Your dashboard will now offer the appropriate documents for you to complete. See Step 4 - Paperwork

At this point you will have multiple tasks to complete the application process. These tasks will appear one at a time, so that you can complete them in chronological order.

There will be a progress bar at the top of the dashboard, which will increase from 0%-100% with each task you complete.

The following is a description of each form and needing to be completed.


Substance Abuse Form

Sworn and Non-Sworn Positions

You will begin here, completing this form and receiving results as to whether you are approved to move on to the next step immediately or not, depending on your responses. You can check your Inbox from the left menu to see the resulting message. The form will not automatically disqualify you, but could determine that you be placed in a hold status for further review. If you are placed in a hold status, one of our staff members will be in touch after they have reviewed the form and you will be notified of either a clearance or disqualification.

Once cleared to proceed, a new link will appear allowing you to begin the Application For Employment.


Application For Employment

Sworn and Non-Sworn Positions

This is your application form. Once complete a new link will appear for the Authorization For Release of Information form.


Authorization For Release of Information

Sworn and Non-Sworn Positions

This form authorizes KCPD to obtain information required to verify your qualifications for the position you’ve applied for. Once complete, the sworn applicant will select a date to participate in the written examination and physical abilities testing. The non-sworn applicant will then be given instruction (either by phone, e-mail or messaged through the Inbox in the application portal) as to what type of testing, if any, is required to move on in the process.

Which brings us to Step 5 - Next Steps

Whew! The keyboard needs a rest and you are ready to move full steam ahead. Here are the final tasks to get you to the finish line!


Written Examination

Sworn Positions

You will begin with and must take the Entry Level Police Officer Exam, which is administered by the Kansas City Missouri Police Department.

Non-Sworn Positions

Applicants may be required to take various tests related to the positions they are applying for (i.e. typing test)


Physical Abilities Test / Unit Specific Testing

Sworn Positions

The physical abilities test is an obstacle course designed to simulate challenges that could be encountered during an officer’s tour of duty. Applicants must demonstrate their ability to maneuver through the course with minimal errors. The physical abilities test is administered following the written exam.

Non-Sworn Positions

You may be required to take Unit Specific Tests, which are directly related to the position you are applying for. This would include tests beyond basic skills and would be administered by the Unit you are applying to.


Pre-Employment Polygraph Examination

Sworn and Non-Sworn Positions

Qualified applicants will proceed to the polygraph examination, which is administered by a qualified Polygraph Examiner. This test will cover criminal activity, drug usage, integrity, truthfulness and employment history.


Background Investigation

Sworn and Non-Sworn Positions

The background investigation will cover pertinent facts regarding your character, work history and any criminal or traffic records.



Sworn Positions

During the background investigation, you will be required to ride with a Kansas City Missouri Police Officer on a weekend for a full tour of duty during the evening or night shift. This experience will expose you to the actual duties performed by Kansas City Missouri Police Officers.


Oral Board

Sworn Positions

This is an interview conducted before the members of the Employment Section. The interview will consist of relevant questions designed to allow the Kansas City Missouri Police Department the opportunity to assess your overall abilities as they relate to the field of law enforcement and/or official employment with KCPD.


Those who successfully complete the process at this point can receive an offer contingent upon the final two examinations you will learn about in STEP 6 - Eligibility Pool

Candidates who receive a conditional offer of employment have two final examinations...


Psychological Examination

Sworn and Non-Sworn Positions

This interview is conducted by a certified psychologist, after a conditional job offer has been made.


Physical Examination

Sworn and Non-Sworn Positions

Applicants undergo a complete medical and eye examination performed by a licensed physician, after a conditional job offer

has been made.


Once you have completed all and a job offer has been made and accepted, you will be placed in a Ready state or Eligibility Pool, awaiting your start date.

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