Crime Free Multi-Housing

The Crime-Free Programs are innovative, law enforcement-based crime prevention solutions designed to help keep illegal activity off rental property. You can learn more about the programs at the web site of the International Crime Free Association. Kansas City’s programs are administered by KCPD under the umbrella of Mid-America Crime Free, Inc.

Each of KCPD’s patrol divisions has officers dedicated to Crime-Free programs.

They are:

Central Patrol Division 
Officer Ben Ryan, 816-898-0514, 
Officer Trevor Singer, 816-898-0514,

East Patrol Division 
Officer Danelle Williams, 816-413-3595, danelle.williams@kcpd.ord

Metro Patrol Division 
Officer Aaron McKie, 816-581-0723,

North Patrol Division 
Officer Kelly Stamm, 816-437-6229,

Shoal Creek Patrol Division
Officer Brad Rains, 816-949-1758,