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Advocate For Domestic Violence Survivors Stationed at KCPD Headquarters

Publish Date 12/06/2022


Pictured above on the left is Lauren Young of the Rose Brooks Center and on the right is Detective Wes Prettyman of our Domestic Violence Section.

Though employed by Rose Brooks, Young works at KCPD Headquarters next to Prettyman and his fellow detectives. She’s here to be of immediate assistance to any survivor of domestic violence who is meeting with police.

“I represent the victim, and I’m here to help be their voice,” Young said. “I’m not a part of the criminal justice system. I’m not trying to sell them anything. I’m here to meet them where they're at and walk through the trenches with them. I’m here to help them navigate all the different complexities that come with the criminal justice system.”

A Rose Brooks advocate has been at KCPD for 18 years and counting, supporting survivors in crisis. They’ve given survivors the resources they needed. They’ve also acted as advocates, attending court with survivors.

Having Young and Rose Brooks physically present and available is a significant benefit to officers who understand the jeopardy families face when they experience domestic violence.

“They’re not law enforcement,” Prettyman said. “They get survivors services and help keep them alive because it’s such a dangerous dynamic.”

The Rose Brooks Center saves lives, providing shelter to domestic violence survivors, children, and pets while supporting survivors through the aftermath -

Learn more about domestic violence assistance that is available -