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Business Owner Donates E-Bike To KCPD

Publish Date 10/13/2022


The Kansas City Missouri Police Department is the new owner of an electronic bicycle (e-bike) courtesy of a local business owner who wants to help officers strengthen community bonds.

Pedego Kansas City gifted an e-bike after six months of testing by KCPD’s Downtown Bike Patrol. Owner Dan Cain hopes the bicycles will help officers on many levels, including responding to calls and increased interactions.

Testing showed that the bicycles helped make officers more approachable, serving as conversation starters. Often, residents had a curiosity about the bicycles and their questions initiated talks with officers.

The e-bikes also allow officers to travel greater distances and respond to more calls than riding the mountain bicycles in KCPD’s fleet. Given the 10-12 year age of the current fleet, KCPD will look for grants and other funding sources to purchase more e-bikes in the future.