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CIT officers deliver appreciation meals to Community Mental Health Liaisons

Publish Date 04/24/2020

Officers from KCPD’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) value the local partners they work with on a daily basis. Community Mental Health Liaisons (CMHL) and CIT officers often ride together during their shifts, as their work intertwines. These liaisons overcome great challenges working in the mental health field and play a vital role in helping CIT officers be successful in their mental health crisis responses. Since the stay-at-home order has been put in place, the CIT officers have missed being with their CMHLs.

The officers decided they wanted to physically show how much they appreciate the hard work of their CMHLs, who are often overlooked in the healthcare field. Together, CIT Officers Marc Canovi, JD Pettey, Teurika Humphrey and John Timmermeyer visited four local restaurants to support the local business community and purchased lunch for four local CMHLs. Tri County CMHL Peggy Gorenflo and her family received Longboards, Swope Mental Health Services CMHL Cheryl Reed received M & M Bakery, ReDiscover CMHL Heather Umbach received Princess Garden and TMC CMHL Sherrie Stafford received Silva’s Taqueria. The lunches and visits were appreciated by all.