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Homicides Fall In Area Supported By City-Wide Approach To Violence

Publish Date 10/10/2023


We are always better together, and the proof is in the data.

On Oct. 10, Chief Graves joined KC Common Good and other partners to announce a significant drop in homicides in the Santa Fe neighborhood, a four-square mile area that has accounted for 20% of city-wide homicides this century.

Focusing on this neighborhood, KCPD has used its Community Engagement Division to problem-solve challenges for residents and re-implemented a “focused deterrence” approach to give high-risk offenders alternatives to violence. This effort has been coordinated with city services, community organizations, and Santa Fe residents as part of the “Play Your Part” violence reduction initiative.

Through August, there were two homicides in the neighborhood this year. In 2022, there were nine. Additionally, non-fatal shootings were down this year.

Violence reduction in Kansas City will take a sustained, city-wide effort, requiring everyone to play their part. Let's keep it up 🤜🤛