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KCPD Breast Cancer Survivor Encourages Testing

Publish Date 10/20/2023


October 21 will mark a memorable day, the nine-year anniversary Lisa Wren heard the diagnosis, “You have breast cancer.”

She is a survivor, and we are proud to say a 29-year veteran of KCPD, serving as a supervisor in our records department.

“I thought death,” Wren admitted. “The first month, it’s weird. You don’t tell anyone because you don’t want anyone to think you’re going to die.”

It was, in fact, a coworker back in 2014 that encouraged Wren to see a doctor. Wren noticed a lump above her breast, but out of fear, procrastinated a check-up for a month. When she mentioned the lump to her coworker, the coworker asked her about it every day for two weeks until Wren went in for an exam.

Wren underwent a lumpectomy, six rounds of chemotherapy, and 38 rounds of radiation. Today, she is happy and grateful.

“You know your body,” Wren said. “Don’t ignore changes. Some people ignore them out of fear and that’s what I did. Don’t skip a mammogram. Don’t be too busy.”