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KCPD Partners With Community, Law Enforcement Agencies To Reduce Violent Crime

Publish Date 05/17/2023
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On May 17th, Chief Stacey Graves announced a new plan dedicated to reducing violent crime and gun violence in Kansas City.

The violent crime reduction initiative is an expansion of an effort that began a month ago with community partners and with the assistance of local and federal agencies. Initially, KCPD and its partners focused on reducing violence near 35th Street and Prospect Avenue after a violent stretch of days left many shot and killed.

This week, KCPD expanded its push to reduce violence to other areas of the city using the same collaboration model consisting of local organizations committed to preventing violence, City services, prosecutors, and various law enforcement partners.

“Historically, police have responded to crime challenges with police-only responses,” said Chief Stacey Graves. “I have said since I was appointed as Chief that I envision a citywide approach to violent crime. Everyone in Kansas City should care about violent crime and all work together to stop it.”

KCPD used a place-based analysis to determine where the expansion efforts are now happening. Violent crime locations often correlate with resident-generated reports requesting services from the City. 311 data shows where people report abandoned houses, trash, blight, and other quality of life issues.

Duplicating the initial effort, KCPD and partners have been out in the community this week educating residents on how to report criminal activity, as well as issues affecting quality of life. KCPD has also been following up on active warrants and communicating with residents in areas where violent crime is prevalent. Additionally, KCPD has been conducting traffic enforcement in areas where serious and fatal injury accidents have been rampant.

Chief Graves called on the Community Engagement Division (CED) to supplement this initiative by providing residents with resources and referrals to services. Members consist of KCPD’s social workers, Crisis Intervention Team Officers, Crime Free Multi-Housing Officers, Community Interaction Officers, and chaplains.

The CED is also working with Kansas City Common Good – K360, Partners for Peace, AdHocGroup Against Crime, and Mothers In Charge, among other groups.

“The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office appreciates being part of a new effort to marshal a broad partnership for enforcement and community engagement,” said Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker. “Our goal is to make our neighborhoods safer. A priority should be boosting enforcement of violent offenders. We also knocked on doors today and talked to individuals, offering them services and other help. We see that effort as a renewal of a “focused deterrence” program. We appreciate KCPD participating in that proven effort. As the summer deepens, we will advocate for other coordinated efforts to reduce violence and address neighborhood trouble spots in new ways.”

During this week’s initiative, ATF Agents worked collaboratively with our local, state and federal law enforcement partners, investigating violations of federal firearms laws, removing illegal firearms from areas in the City impacted by gun violence and educating community members on machine gun conversion devices, personally made firearms, and how to quickly and anonymously report suspected gun crimes.

“From the firearms traffickers who illegally distribute crime guns to the trigger pullers who inflict injury or take the lives of others, ATF is focused on using our expertise to investigate and bring to justice those responsible for gun violence in our community,” said ATF Special Agent in Charge, Bernard Hansen. “As we have this week, ATF is dedicated to working shoulder to shoulder with our law enforcement and community partners to ensure the safety of our neighborhoods.”

The U.S. Marshals Midwest Violent Fugitive Task Force supported this initiative by apprehending individuals wanted for violent federal and state offenses in an effort to bring justice to victims and create safer communities for the citizens of Kansas City.

“This week, the United States Marshals Service joined our federal, state, and local partners in the Violent Crime Reduction Initiative," said United States Marshal Scott Seeling. "The U.S. Marshals Service is committed to a violent crime reduction approach that includes community involvement. Only with the strong partnerships among law enforcement, civic leaders, and the community can we realize sustained reduction in violence in Kansas City."

Additional quotes from our partners:

“This week the FBI is working in lockstep with our local, state, and federal partners as part of the Violent Crime Reduction Initiative,” said FBI Kansas City Division Special Agent in Charge Charles Dayoub. “Our role is to not only assist our partners in identifying, locating, and apprehending fugitives but to also work with our law enforcement, city, and community partners in addressing the concerns of the community. Through our combined efforts and continued partnerships, we believe a long-term positive outcome is achievable in improving the safety of the residents in this neighborhood.”

“We’ve identified several ways to both improve neighborhood quality of life and reduce violence and crime by focusing on key city services,” said City Manager Brian Platt. “Thank you to the council members and city staff who have partnered on this initiative to bring a new standard for coordination and focused efforts. We look forward to amplifying these measures in the future.”


Violent Crime Reduction Initiative Statistics

May 15-16


New Charges & Recovery

Federal Firearms Arrest            1

State Firearms Arrest               2

Rifles Recovered                      1

Handguns Recovered               7

Stolen Firearms Recovered       1

Methamphetamines (Grams)    363.2

Marijuana (Grams)                  12158


Warrant Arrests


Federal Warrant Arrest            5

State Warrant Arrest               27

City Warrant Arrest                 53

Juvenile Arrest                       3


Proactive Enforcement


Car Checks                           60

Traffic Violations                   129

Pedestrian Checks                 39

Citations                              231

Summons                            5

Residence/Business Checks   544

Knock & Talks                      29

Nuisance Resident Checks    32

Consensual Citizen Contacts 224

Search Warrants                  2


Impaired-Driving Enforcement


1 Car Check

23 Traffic Stops

7 Warnings

2 eluding

11 moving citations

3 Dui/Alcohol

19 non-moving citations


*Notable event – 22 CVI truck inspections led to 5 drivers taken out of service and 8 trucks taken off the road.


Community Engagement Division

CED passed out over 3,000 flyers regarding Police services, partners for peace, crime stoppers, trash pickup and CED old school block party.


Kansas City Public Works Division


13,040 pounds of trash collected as of May 11, 2023

517 potholes filled

15 signs replaced

15 existing signs maintained