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KCPD’S Life-Saving Measures Begin with Call Takers, Dispatchers

Publish Date 12/13/2022

This is Dispatcher Denise Jones pictured above.


When two officers saved the life of a 1-month-old girl who wasn’t breathing last month, it was Jones who dispatched them.


“The minute the officer said the baby was breathing again, it was a sigh of relief” Jones recalled.


While the public sees our officers, dispatchers and call takers are behind the scenes serving in KCPD’S nerve center, our Communications Unit.


Each hour of each day, members of the Unit are the first point of contact for emergencies and the unexpected. Jones said the job can be stressful, but it’s gratifying and team-oriented. A prime example is the infant who the officers saved. In that moment, a call taker first answered the 911 call before turning the response over to Jones.


“I put myself in the parents’ shoes, and what if that was me?” Jones asked.  “What kind of response would you like? What kind of help would you want? You handle every call knowing that.”


Jones was looking for a career change and great benefits when she came to KCPD almost eight years ago. She’s gotten both with the added bonus of service to her city.


“I know I helped someone’s life today,” Jones said. “I would encourage anyone to apply so we can help more people.”


KCPD currently has 30 openings for call takers and dispatchers. Apply here -


Watch the bodycam video of Officer Richard DuChaine and Officer Charles Owen save the baby's life -