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KCPD To Implement 911 Abandoned Callback Feature

Publish Date 03/21/2024
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Image of the Communications Unit


The week of March 25th, the Kansas City Missouri Police Department will implement a new Automated Abandoned Callback feature for hang up calls to the 911 system.

The callback will automatically return the phone call to people who have hung up before a call taker could answer. The system will then prompt the person who called to confirm that they meant to dial 911 and need assistance or confirm the call was an accident or not needed. The return call will show up as (816)234-5111.

As of now, before implementation, a call taker returns these phone calls. This process ties up manpower and delays call takers from helping other callers.

In 2023, KCPD received 116,628 hang up calls that our call takers had to call back.