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New KCPD Data page provides wealth of information

Publish Date 05/11/2021
Calls for Service Hot Spot Map April 21.jpg

The Kansas City Missouri Police Department is working to share more data with the public, from calls for service hot spots to personnel demographics.

The new KCPD Data page features eight types of reports that are updated monthly. The Department’s goal is to eventually provide a real-time dashboard, and these reports are the first step.

“We want to have greater transparency,” Chief Rick Smith said.

The reports include:

  • 911 Calls Received
  • Calls for Service Hot Spot Map
  • Calls for Service Map
  • Crime Lab Backlog Report
  • Personnel Summary
  • Response Times
  • Traffic Summary Report
  • Offense Summary

This information has always been open to the public, but this is the first time it is available online in one convenient location. It provides useful data ranging from the highest-crash locations in the city to average response times in your area.