Play Great Defense Buying Chiefs Playoff Tickets

Publish Date 01/12/2022
playoff tickets on sale.png


If you’re hoping to attend the Kansas City Chiefs’ wild-card playoff game vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night, use some caution buying and selling tickets.

Scammers see these big events as a big opportunity to take advantage of your fandom.


If purchasing online –

 Use reputable websites and know their polices

  • Avoid using general item websites that do not specialize in ticket sales


If selling online –

 Don’t post pictures of your tickets (barcodes) online; these barcodes can be stolen or forged

  • Use reputable websites


If purchasing or selling via an electronic payment system:

  •  Know the refund policies if you are using electronic means of payment, such as Paypal or Venmo


Other Tips:

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Know the market value of the ticket before purchasing
  • If it's a cash deal, inspect the money. It isn’t uncommon for someone to wrap counterfeit funds in a real bill
  • The extra fees paid on reputable websites might be irritating, but you are paying for that extra security