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Police apprehend motorcyclist who pointed gun at officer on highway

Publish Date 09/19/2019
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A motorcyclist who pointed a gun at a uniformed, off-duty police officer this morning is in custody after he fled from police.

The off-duty officer was in uniform and driving in his personal vehicle north on 169 Highway about 8 a.m.  When he approached the interchange with Interstate 29, a man on a motorcycle pulled in front of the officer and pointed a gun at him. The officer got on his radio and asked for help from on-duty officers. He gave a description of the suspect. Several officers moved into the area and spotted the motorcyclist. The suspect fled at a high rate of speed, however, and officers lost sight of him.

They eventually found him again traveling east on Parvin Road. The suspect wrecked at Parvin and Chouteau. He quickly got up and ran. Officers ran after him, and they took him into custody shortly thereafter. The suspect is a 27-year-old white male. He had some minor injuries from the crash and was taken to an area hospital.

Police discovered the suspect’s motorcycle and gun had been reported stolen. Charges are pending.