Video shows suspects firing at officer

Publish Date 08/09/2019

A KCPD officer is safe after suspects fired numerous shots at him during a pursuit Thursday night, and the whole incident was captured on his dash-cam video.

At about 9:30 p.m. Aug. 8, the Metro Patrol Division officer saw a car parked in a vacant, overgrown parking lot with no lights on. The officer surveilled the car for a few minutes and then attempted to stop it. The driver stopped briefly before taking off again. As the vehicle drove away, the occupants of the car fired numerous rounds at the officer from about 66th and Paseo to 65th and Woodland. He was the only occupant in the police vehicle.

The officer continued to pursue the suspect vehicle and was eventually joined by other officers. The pursuit ended at Truman and Locust, where police deployed Tactical Vehicle Intervention (also known as the PIT Maneuver). Officers took three suspects into custody without incident. They located a rifle and two handguns in the suspect vehicle. 

The officer has been with KCPD for two years. Fortunately, he was not hurt, nor were the suspects or any innocent bystanders.