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Office of Community Complaints website

You can submit a complaint online by downloading the Community Complaint Report (En.), Community Complaint Report (En. Sp. Vn.) filling it out, and submitting it to You do not have to have the form notarized to submit it electronically.  You may view the Office of Community Complaints policy here.

What is the Office of Community Complaints?
Under the authority of the Board of Police Commissioners, the Office of Community Complaints (“Office”) is a non-police, civilian oversight agency. The Office has been charged with the responsibility of protecting community members from the possibility of abuse or misconduct on the part of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. The Office also is entrusted with protecting members of the police department from unjust and unfair accusations. The Office of Community Complaints is committed to effectively and impartially resolving all complaints involving a community member’s guaranteed right to fair and efficient police protection.

How does the complaint process work?

1) Complaints may be filed at the Office of Community Complaints (“Office”), the AD- HOC office, Northland Neighborhoods, Inc., the Westside CAN Center, or the nearest police station.
– Complaints must be filed within 90 days after the date of the occurrence.
– Complainants must be at least 17 years of age. Complainants under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who will also be listed as the co-complainant.
– The Office does not investigate complaints filed by 3rd parties, persons that are not actually involved in the incident.

2) The complaint will be reviewed by the Office of Community Complaints.
– Complaints will be reviewed to determine if the complaint is appropriate for investigation.
– Those complaints that are deemed appropriate for investigation will be forwarded to the Internal Affairs Unit of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department.
– Once a complaint has been filed, the complainant must fully cooperate with the Office of Community Complaints during the initial review process to avoid closure of his or her complaint.

3) The complainant will be contacted by the Internal Affairs Unit.
– The complainant will be required to give a formal, verbal statement regarding the allegations listed in the complaint.
– It is imperative that the citizen cooperates with the detectives by providing a formal statement to ensure that the complaint is thoroughly investigated.
– If a complainant does not provide a formal statement, the complaint file will be closed without further investigation.

4) The Internal Affairs Unit will investigate the complaint. This involves:
– Taking formal statements from the complainant, officer(s), and witnesses
– Retrieval of any documentation of the incident
– Retrieval of dispatch records, departmental videotapes (police vehicles and/or detention center), and officer logs
– Retrieval of any information that will enable the Office to arrive at an appropriate recommendation

5) Once the investigation is completed, the findings will be submitted to an O.C.C. Analyst for a detailed review and analysis.

6) After the file is reviewed by the Office, the O.C.C. Director will forward the final analysis and recommendation to the Board of Police Commissioners and/or the Chief of Police for review and final approval.

7) Following the final approval of the recommendation, the O.C.C. Director will then notify the community member by letter to inform them of the final disposition of the complaint.

Things to Remember
– Mediation of the situation is always an option! Be sure to notify the Office if you are interested in mediating the dispute.
– Under Missouri law it is unlawful to make a false report to the police, hinder or interfere with an investigation, or provide false information to the police.
– If you have a charge pending before any Court, filing a complaint will not result in the charge being dismissed. The complaint process has no bearing on the court system. The matter must be resolved in court.
– Filing a complaint will not prevent police from conducting legitimate law enforcement related activities involving you or the area in which you live, work, frequent, or in the location in which the event complained of occurred.

The Office of Community Complaints is eager to assist you in any way possible. If you have any questions concerning the complaint process, please do not hesitate to call the office at (816) 889-6640.

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