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Record and Video Request FAQs

Who is the KCPD’s Custodian of Records?
Manager Natalie Cofield-Booker
Information Management Unit

Does the Custodian of Records’ designate members to handle such requests?
Yes. Due to the Department’s size and volume of records, the Custodian of Records may designate individuals to handle a portion of these Sunshine Law requests.

What is the approximate number of Sunshine Law requests received by the Department in a week?
The Department receives between 700 – 800 requests for records in a week.

How long does it take for a report to be available to the public?
Please allow 10-14 business days from the date of the incident.

How long will it take to receive my records?
Depending on the request volume, type and size, please allow up to six to eight weeks for investigative reports, video or other miscellaneous requests.  Allow up to 30 days for a single incident or arrest report by mail.  Please consider this notice that it will take longer than three (3) business days to process your request for records.

Will the Department charge me a fee before I receive my records?
Yes. The records will be released once payment is cleared by the Department.  The Department may fulfill large requests in portions and request payment for each portion as it becomes available.  Please refer to the fee schedule for estimated cost of records. 

The Department accepts payment by credit/debit card, money order, cash, or personal check.  Personal checks should be made out to the “Board of Police Commissioners of Kansas City, Missouri.”  When submitting payment, you should indicate the first and last name of the party requesting the records and any identifying information regarding the request, e.g., case report number KC00010101.

How do I obtain my records?
Once the Department has verified that you are entitled to the requested records, you may pick up the records, have the records emailed to you (depending on record size), or have the records mailed to you. 

Typically, records are picked up at Kansas City, Missouri Police Department, 1125 Locust Street, Kansas City, Missouri, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.  It is recommended that you call before you appear to make sure the records are ready and determine the best time and location to retrieve the records.

May the Department release a pending/active investigative file, such as an officer-involved shooting or robbery investigation, to the general public or news media?
No. Missouri Revised Statute section 610.100 provides that investigative reports of all law enforcement agencies are closed records until the investigation becomes inactive.   

May I purchase my traffic accident report online?
Yes. Traffic crash reports are available for purchase online through BuyCrash. You will need to have your report number, name and the date of the incident to retrieve your report. For technical assistance with the system, call 866-495-4206, x4.

How may I request a record?
In order to help with processing requests, the Department recommends that you complete the online request form. If you prefer, you may request a record in writing or by telephone. In some instances, you may obtain a report by walking into the Record’s Unit at 1125 Locust Street.

Depending on the type of record that is being requested, though, you may need to provide additional information prior to release of the record. 

Who should I contact to request a record?

You can request records using the online form. Depending on the type of record, you also may send your request as follows:

Police Car Video

            Kansas City, Missouri Police Department
            Attn: Digital Technology Section, Sunshine Law
            1125 Locust Street
            Kansas City, Missouri 64106
            Tel: (816) 234-5589

Incident, Arrest, and Investigative Reports

            Kansas City, Missouri Police Department
            Attn: Criminal Records Section, Sunshine Law
            1125 Locust Street
            Kansas City, Missouri 64106
            Tel: (816) 234-5100

Miscellaneous Records

            Kansas City, Missouri Police Department
            Attn: Criminal Records Section, Sunshine Law

I work for a media outlet, where does the Department recommend I send my request for records?

           If you are with the media, please use the online form direct your requests to:

            Kansas City, Missouri Police Department
            Attn: KCPD Media Unit
            1125 Locust Street
            Kansas City, Missouri 64106
            Tel: (816) 234-5170
            Email:,, and

I am an attorney requesting an active/pending investigative file, where does the Department recommend I send my request for records?

            The Department encourages you to submit your request to:

            Kansas City, Missouri Police Department
            Attn: Office of General Counsel – Sunshine Law
            1125 Locust Street
            Kansas City, Missouri 64106
            Tel: (816) 949-1599

May I obtain a copy of a police officer’s discipline file?

No. These records are closed under Missouri Revised Statute section 610.021(13).


How do I get a copy of a video?
Simply select the appropriate online form, fill in as much data as possible, and submit the form.

Can I have a copy of any video?
No. Most records are public, however there are times when the release of a video during an ongoing investigation may compromise the investigation. There are other circumstances when release of videos may compromise the safety of covert operations and may not initially be released.

How long will it take to get my video?
Requests are typically produced within three to four weeks, however volume fluctuates and times vary.

What form of media will my video be in when I receive it?
The media will be reproduced in its original state. If the media was on a digital system, it will be reproduced on a DVD or Blu-Ray.

Why won’t my DVD play in my DVD player?
The DVD’s produced are DATA-DVD’s. They are not designed to be played in a standard DVD player but on a computer. A few DVD players will play these DVD’s, however, most will have to be played on a computer. The Digital Technology Section simply cannot produce the videos in standard DVD format as the time required is too long for the volume produced at this facility. There are currently several digital video systems, each with their own software.

Why won’t COBANPlay run on my Apple/Macintosh?
COBANPlay is a Windows program and will only install on a Microsoft Windows Operating System or if you have Windows loaded on your Apple/Macintosh product.  MPEG-2 is the file format, which does play on Apple/Macintosh computers.

How do I pick up my completed video?
Purchased Videos may be picked up in person with valid state- or government-issued identification at the Digital Technology Section, 1125 Locust, Kansas City, Missouri.  Normal business hours are 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.  An appointment must be made with Digital Technology Section Staff as they service vehicles and locations throughout the city and are not always at this facility during business hours.  Staff will make every attempt to schedule an appointment for pickup within a 15-minute before-and-after window.

What payments do you accept?
Credit/Debit cards (American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa) through the online request system.
Check made payable to “Board of Police Commissioners”
Cash in exact change only. The Digital Technology Section does not carry change, nor are they permitted to “keep the change,” no matter how small.

Why am I being asked to pay in advance?
The department reserves the right to require a payment up front for personal orders, orders requiring large amounts of work as well as for other mitigating circumstances.