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Youth & Social Services

KCPD Social Services Program

KCPD’s SSP helps individuals identify abilities in connection to their community, creating positive relationships, to inspire endless possibilities for success and self-resiliency.

Kansas City Missouri Police Department

Social Services Section

Non-Emergency Information Lines


About the program

The Social Services Section under the Community Engagement Division has 6 Social Services Specialist. One is assigned to each of KCPD’s Patrol Division Stations. Patrol officers request support from the Social Services Specialist. All request for support come from patrol officers only. Patrol officers determine where and how social services can be utilized within the community. 

Once the Social Services Specialist receives a referral from KCPD patrol officers, the specialist conducts a follow up with the individual and/or family. 

The goal of the Social Services Specialist is to foster positive support and act as prevention, intervention, or follow up efforts in connection to a contact with law enforcement. 

Helping to Meet KCPD’s Vision 

The leading purpose for the KCPD Social Services Section is to positively impact community relationships with law enforcement, create a foundation of trust and transparency while fostering collaborations to strengthen ALL communities served by KCPD. 

Program Objectives 

  • Connect individuals and families to various community organizations and social service agencies within the Kansas City metropolitan area
  • Provide assistance to victims of crimes, provide education and assist with navigation of service programs for participants 
  • Offer another level of customer service and problem solving options to the police department
  • Motivate the public to work in partnership with law enforcement.