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$25,000 reward for successful tips

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Todd Siemens

During the morning of May 3, 1997, Todd Siemens, an armed security guard for a local security company, was working at the Taqueria Mexico Restaurant at 910 SW. Blvd. Shortly before 4 a.m., Siemens became involved in a disturbance with a Hispanic male in front of the restaurant, after the restaurant refused to sell him anymore liquor because they were closed. A physical confrontation ensued in which the Hispanic male disarmed Siemens of his handgun and shot him several times, and then fled the scene with the weapon.  Police found Siemens lying in the street suffering from several gunshot wounds. He was rushed to an area hospital, where he later died.Witnesses reported that a short time after the murder, the suspect got on a Santa Fe Railroad train near the area where the murder occurred, and headed eastbound out of Kansas City.  The suspect told witnesses that he needed to get out of town and was possibly heading to Texas, or possibly to his home state of Chihuahua, Mexico.  The suspect may also have ties to Juarez, Mexico.The suspect is reported to be a Hispanic male, 5’6″ to 5’8″, 180 pound, stocky, 22 to 30 years of age (at the time of the crime), short black hair, and medium to dark complexion.  He has a tattoo on the right inner forearm area, possibly a grim reaper with a scythe, and a tattoo on the left upper arm near the shoulder of the initials”R.M.P” or “M.R.P.”  The suspect also is described as having numerous, large, visible scars on his right arm, probably cuts.  The suspect reportedly only spoke Spanish and was only known by the names of “Morgan,” “Nelson,” and “Mortal Combat.” The suspect had apparently only been in the Kansas City, Missouri, area for approximately one month before the murder occurred and worked for a short time at a small, nearby, Mexican business near the scene of the murder.

Anyone who may know the real identity of this person or a person that matches this description is asked to contact the Cold Case Squad at 816-234-5136.All information received will be kept confidential.

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