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KCPD Testing Out New Uniforms

Publish Date 08/30/2023


The Kansas City Missouri Police Department is testing new uniforms to possibly replace the current ones that have been in service for more than 30 years.

Currently, 20 officers are wearing the new uniforms, and residents may see them around Kansas City.

In the picture above, the current KCPD uniform is on the left. The test uniforms are in the middle and on the right, each made of different materials. The middle uniform is more formal (you can see it in person), while the uniform on the right is more for day-to-day utility. Both are navy blue.

The current uniform uses an outdated fabric and specialized material costs that are making it less viable. The new uniforms would provide officers with more comfort and functionality. For now, the department is testing out manufacturers, fabrics, and designs.

Testing will likely take several months.