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Economic Crimes FAQ;s

Check Questions:

If You Have Accepted a Forged Check from Someone:
Call 911 to request a police officer come to your residence or business. The call takers will determine if department policy supports dispatching an police officer to your location. The officer will take your report and obtain and the forged check (if available) as evidence. You may be asked to travel to any of our patrol division stations to make your forgery report. Before you make a report, please obtain the forged check, a photocopy of the check, or other reasonable facsimile that represents the check.

If A Merchant Accepts An “NSF” Check:
Merchants who accept a check that is subsequently returned by the bank marked “NSF” (non-sufficient funds), or “Account Closed” should call the Bad Check Unit of the county in which the check was received. Obtain direction from the unit, which may involve contacting the Kansas City Missouri Police Department to make a report.

If Your Checks are Lost or Stolen:
Make a police report to cover the theft or loss of your checks. It is best to travel to a patrol division station and make the report in person.

Notify your bank if you have not already done so and have them change the account number or close the account. Ask your bank to mark all returned checks as FORGERIES. This will reduce the likelihood of merchants turning the forged checks over to collection agents who will then hound you for payment.

Call the three credit reporting bureaus to report the loss and ask them to put a FRAUD ALERT on your account so no new credit will be issued without your authorization. This is especially important if any form of identification was also lost or stolen at the same time.

Equifax 1-800-525-6285
Experian 1-888-397-3742
Trans Union 1-800-680-7289

If Your Stolen Checks Have Been Used:
The subsequent use of any of the lost or stolen checks or credit cards must be reported to the police by the merchant or bank where it was presented for payment. Contact the banks and/or businesses that accepted your checks or cards to notify them of the fraudulent use. Encourage the banks and businesses to pursue charges against any suspects identified. Your bank should have you sign an affidavit of check forgery and they should reverse all of the checks/charges relating to the fraudulent transactions.

Minimize the Opportunity of Stolen or Counterfeited Checks Continuing to Circulate:
THE GOOD NEWS: You are NOT responsible for monetary losses resulting from the subsequent use of your lost or stolen checks. The banks generally refund your money losses (if any), although they may hold your money while they are conducting an investigation in the case.

However, you MUST have made a police report, notified the bank in a timely manner and signed any required affidavits.

Economic Crimes FAQ's